About Us
Trish Moore, Owner of Good Ju Ju created the store from her
own decorating style, which can be described as "everything I
like and then some."

Trish is known for the repurposed items in her home-making a
bench into a book case, a picture frame from a dresser or taking
a chandelier from the 60s to the 90s or back to the 30s. The
origins of finished items are as much fun as their new utility.

She has gathered a group of like-minded individuals, each with a
different eye, to present a colorful collection of surprising
things for your shopping pleasure.

Her customers, family, and friends rely on her to add inventive
flair to a room. There is no shopping destination too outre for
Trish. She knows when a piece has "good ju ju".
Voted Kansas City's
Best Antique Shop (best resale shop)
by Pitch Magazine! (Oct 2010)